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Wynn Macau

user interface
h5 program
checkpoint journey with Icp server

Wynn Resort is the casino brand in the Macao market. Brand agency laucnh the WeChat H5 Digital checkpoint game as Autumn engagment campaign. Customers can scan the QR code to open the H5 game, then find 3 QR code image in the resort tunnel to collect the stamp; then can redeem the souveniers in the counter.

永利度假村是澳門市場的賭場品牌。 品牌代理推出微信 H5 數字關卡遊戲作為秋季互動活動。 客戶可掃描二維碼打開H5遊戲,然後在度假村隧道內找到3張二維碼圖片領取印章; 然後可以在櫃檯兌換紀念品。