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user interface
animation production
leap motino sensor
game application
redemption management

ILLUMA is a premium nutrition brand in the Wyeth group. Brand agency appoints ViewIn team to develop the motion detection game in BabyExpo to engage the customers and deliver the product education. When the sensor device detects the user’s hand, can control the digital screen icon to find out the ILLUMA product element; customers find out 5 elements then can finish the challenge to pass the game.

ILLUMA是惠氏集團的高端營養品牌。 品牌代理機構任命ViewIn團隊在BabyExpo中開發體感檢測遊戲,以吸引客戶並提供產品培訓。 當傳感器設備檢測到用戶的手時,可以控制數字屏幕圖標找出ILLUMA產品元素; 客戶找出5個要素即可完成挑戰以通過遊戲。