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wyeth babynes

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Hologram with CRM Activation
The development of this CRM activation aims to present BabyNes brand story and new customer acquisition in Father day. When user finish the registration in IPAD, program will send out the email with hologram effect video to users for interactive experience. ViewIn team also include roadshow management, program development and user experience journey design in this project.

CRM激活的開發旨在在父親節展示BabyNes的品牌故事和新客戶。 當用戶在IPAD中完成註冊後,程序將向用戶發送帶有全息效果視頻的電子郵件以進行交互體驗。 ViewIn團隊還包括該項目的路演管理,程序開發和用戶體驗旅程設計。