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Instant lucky draw application
hardware rental
redemption system
backend portal

Wilson Communication is an electric product department store brand. Brand launch the retail digital activation game in 2019 winter. If customers purchase achieve specific amount, can join the digital lucky draw gaming, customers need to touch the tablet screen to discover the rewards. We also build the backend portal to monitor the lucky draw redemption status.

衛訊電訊是一間手提電話連鎖店。 品牌於2019年冬季推出了數位化幸運抽獎激活遊戲。 當客戶購買達到特定金額,便可以參加幸運大抽獎遊戲,客戶需要觸摸平板電腦屏幕才能激活獎勵。 我們還建立了智能數據管理系統來監視抽獎活動的兌現狀態。