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VIRGIN Atlantic

facebook game application
dseign production
email redemption system

Virgin Atlantic is a regional airline brand. Brand plan to launch digital gaming in the China New year. And brand agency appoints the View-In team to develop the Facebook game application for customer engagement. When customer touch the icon, will show the instant win souvenirs, and the system will send the email to customers for redemption.

維珍航空是一個航空公司品牌。 品牌計劃在農曆新年推出數位遊戲。 品牌代理機構任命View-In團隊來開發Facebook遊戲應用程序以吸引客戶。 當客戶觸摸該圖示時,將顯示即抽即中的紀念品,系統將發送電子郵件給客戶以進行兌換。