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digital game development
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Victorinox is well known for its Swiss Army knives and also licenses its logo for watches, apparel, and travel gear in the global market. Brand agency appoints View-In team to develop the interactive game for retail experience.

In-game journey, customers can choose Spectra Expandable or Connex to activate different game level. The digital screen will show some obstacles in the road and avoid touching it. Those obstacles will be some cats, ducks, cars, and so on, then prevent touching each obstacle will gain 1 point. Customers need to overcome the game challenge within 45 seconds to win the game.

Victorinox以其瑞士軍刀而聞名,並在全球市場上為其手錶,服裝和旅行裝備的徽標授予許可。 品牌代理機構任命View-In團隊來開發互動遊戲,以獲得零售體驗。

在遊戲過程中,客戶可以選擇Spectra Expandable或Connex來激活不同的遊戲級別。 數字屏幕將顯示道路上的一些障礙物,並避免觸摸它。 那些障礙物將是一些貓,鴨,汽車等,那麼防止觸摸每個障礙物將獲得1分。 客戶需要在45秒內克服遊戲挑戰才能贏得遊戲。