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V-Walk SHKP Mall

user interface
Game development
interactive machine production
event management and support

V Walk is a premium residential shopping mall in the Sun Hung Kai Properties. Brand launches the Flying Sofye & her Friends Xmas event in Christmas interactive zone and appoints View-In team to produce the interactive machine for visitors’ engagement. Customers can speak some Christmas greeting wording, machine recognize voice relates to greeting and joyful, will response the animation and activate large Christmas ball snowing effect. Customers also can take the selfie and scan the QR code for share to the social media channels.

V Walk是新鴻基地產的高級住宅購物中心。 品牌在聖誕節互動區舉辦了Flying Sofye & her Friends聖誕活動,並任命View-In團隊開發互動遊戲機器,以吸引訪客參與。客戶可以說一些聖誕節問候的說話,機器會進行語音辨識, 並回應問候語有關的聲音和歡樂,並激活聖誕互動裝置球進行下雪和燈光效果。客戶還可以拍攝自拍照並掃描QR碼以分享到社交媒體渠道。