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Urban Renewal Authority

user interface
ar programming
html development
content production

Urban Renewal Authority appoints the ViewIn team to develop the web AR campaign for URA’s Got Talent campaign. Customers can go to URA exhibition venue to find the AR icon to recognize the graphic to activate the augmented reality animate effect, customers also can take a selfie to share with the social media channel.

市區重建局任命 ViewIn 團隊為市建局2021市建精英活動開發手機擴增實境應用程序。 客戶可到市建局展覽場地尋找互動圖標識別圖形以激活擴增實境動畫效果,客戶也可以用擴增實境應用程序自拍並分享至 社交媒體渠道。