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university of Toronto

user interface
html5 development
palpal integration
animate ecard program
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The University of Toronto is a famous higher education in the Asia market. In 2021, the brand PR team appoints ViewIn Creative team to develop the interactive eCard web application for the university fund donation program. Customers can fill in personal information first, then through PayPal to donate to the university fund. After the donation, customers can use the lunar new year frame stickers to decorate the web eCard, also can text the name to output the digital version to share with friends through different social media channels.

多倫多大學是亞洲市場上著名的高等教育。 2021年,品牌公關團隊任命ViewIn Creative開發為大學基金捐贈計劃的互動式應用程序。 客戶可以先填寫個人信息,然後再通過PayPal捐贈給大學基金。 捐款後,客戶可以使用傳統農曆新年特色框貼紙裝飾網絡電子賀卡,也可以輸入朋友姓名並輸出數字版本,也可以通過不同的社交媒體渠道與朋友分享。