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In this Wechat CRM Mini-Site development project, we set up an attractive design which included new product introduction and offers details. Apply the China media community and Re-targeting network channel, can reach the China tourists in Hong Kong and drive the traffic for Tissot retail channel.

In order to show the informative content clearly, we believe the best way to display is to keep the overall layout neat and tidy. This design style can attract the end-users to get more details for new product and fill in the information for redemption.

在此微信CRM Mini-Site開發項目中,我們建立了一個有吸引力的設計,其中包括新產品介紹並提供詳細信息。 應用中國媒體社區和重新定位網絡渠道,可以到達香港的中國遊客,並為天梭零售渠道吸引流量。

為了清楚地顯示信息內容,我們認為最好的顯示方式是保持整體佈局整潔。 這種設計風格可以吸引最終用戶以獲取更多有關新產品的詳細信息,並填寫信息以進行兌換。