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Web Retainer UX Consultuation
Content Management
CMS TEchnical support

Tai Wo Tung is a well-known Chinese Health supplement brand. Marketer appoints the View-In team to support the web content retainer and content management system technical support. Our team makes use of web technology to deliver the best UX in the web browsing experience and also review the content to execute the A/B testing to modify the website structure.

太和洞是著名的傳統保健品品牌。 品牌商任命View-In團隊來支持網頁內容維護和內容管理系統技術支持。 我們的團隊利用網絡技術在網絡瀏覽體驗中提供最佳的用戶體驗,並審查內容以執行A / B測試以修改網站結構。