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user interface
interactive truck program
Web AR mobile pass
digital drawing game
hardware installation & support
event production

ViewIn team support group company key account Sky100 to develop a fully interactive experience to introduce theme park popular view and facilities.

Our team creates a new theme, Sky100 Future Explorer for this summer project. Applying “Future” this concept in the Sky 100 to deliver the unexpected experience to theme park customers. There are three checkpoints at sky100: the Collector, Sky Scanner and Creator, which will help customers assist time traveler SKY in collecting CharmPoints so they can activate their time machine and return to the future!

The Collector / Web Augmented Reality Application
Customers can through their own mobile device to collect the virtual coins, this concept refers to the latest trend blockchain and bitcoins. We imagine that Hong Kong peoples will use virtual payment in the future to exchange and buy the products.

Sky Scanner / Transparent Interactive Device
Move the Sky Scanner, customers can watch the virtual animation with actual reality, through the transparent device can watch the Hong Kong future building and facilities.

The Creators / Interactive Drawing
Customers can customize made the space ship in the interactive device. They can illustrate the spaceship then 2D graphic will sync to 85″ large screen to display the spaceship animation.

Finally, customers can make use of collected coins to redeem unique souvenirs after the experience, creating future memories for yourself!


我們的團隊為這個夏季項目創建了一個新主題,天際 100 未來探索者。將“未來”這一概念應用在天際100中,為主題公園客戶提供意想不到的體驗。天際100設有三個檢查點:收藏家、天文掃描儀和創作者,它們將幫助客戶協助時間旅行者SKY收集CharmPoints,從而激活他們的時間機器並返回未來!


移動Sky Scanner,顧客可以觀看虛擬動畫與現實,透過透明裝置可以觀看香港未來的建築和設施。

創作者 / 互動繪圖