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Ux Modelling
animation production
Chatbot machine
immersive projection with face recogntion
smart analysis kiosk
interactive table
rfid registration with wechat

#Future X Smart Pop-Up Store Greater China
SKII is a famous skin care brand in the global market. In 2018, brand launches the smart experience store in Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen, and Kunming. Through interactive experience deliver the brand element and drive O2O selling. The unmanned store is the buzz word in the marketing world. Guests can register to participate pop-up store event in online platform first when guests arrive the event venue, will get the RFID hand strip to be event pass. Through RFID hand strip can activate the personal ID for pop-up store shopping.

AI Chatbot Consultant – Pepper
Named Pepper AI Chatbot will be the pop-up store tour guide to introduce service and experience zone.

Facial Recognition x Immersive Projection
Settle 3 qty 4K camera and connect the projection screen. When guests show different emotion, the facial recognition program will depend on the emotion and face element to activate the immersive animation

Immersive Area – PITERA Combination
Guest can walk to 5 circles to activate the immersive installation. 5 circle represent PITERA different highlights. When guests stand in the circle, the program will display the message to explain which element makes your skincare better. Also, upload the image to the mobile platform, can change the illustration.

Smart Product Kiosk
Smart pop-up store has consultation kiosk, when guests press the icon and answer some question, will provide the product suggestion.

Interactive Table (Projection & Sensor-based)
Install the sensor in the table, when guests press the table and product, the program will activate the message in the table and guests can through the RFID hand strip to purchase the favorite product.

#Future X 智能快閃店大中華區
SKII是全球知名的護膚品牌。 2018年,品牌在上海、南京、深圳、昆明推出智能體驗店。通過互動體驗傳遞品牌元素,帶動O2O銷售。無人商店是營銷界的流行詞。客人到達活動場地後,可先在網上平台註冊參加快閃店活動,將獲得RFID手帶作為活動通行證。通過RFID手帶可以激活個人ID進行快閃店購物。

名為 Pepper AI Chatbot 的快閃店導遊將介紹服務和體驗區。

面部識別 x 沉浸式投影
安裝 3 台 4K 攝像機並連接投影屏幕。當客人表現出不同的情緒時,面部識別程序將根據情緒和麵部元素激活沉浸式動畫

沉浸式區域 – PITERA 組合
客人可以步行到 5 個圓圈來激活沉浸式裝置。 5個圓圈代表PITERA不同的亮點。當客人圍成一圈時,程序會顯示信息,說明哪種元素可以使您的護膚效果更好。另外,把圖片上傳到手機平台,可以換圖。