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sisley paris

user interface
ar application development
html production
event management
hardware installation

Sisley is a luxury skincare brand and marketers appoint ViewIn team to create a digital experience for Ecological Compound Launch Roadshow. We develop an augmented reality experience when the program detects the guest’s body who appears in the backdrop; the program will show the augmented reality animation (Sisley Butterfly) for video capture. Guest can scan the QR code to get the soft copy and share it with the social media channel.

Sisley是一個高端的護膚品牌,品牌營銷人員任命ViewIn團隊為Ecological Compound 新產品系列創建數字體驗。 當程式檢測到背景中出現的客人的身體時,系統會激發擴增現實AR體驗; 該程序將顯示用於視頻捕獲的增強現實動畫(Sisley Butterfly)。 訪客可以掃描QR碼以獲取擴增現實視頻並與社交媒體渠道共享。