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Sincerity Auction

web-RSVP development
e-catalog programming
design production

In order to target two groups of audience, Sincerity International requested to deliver digital activation on two platforms: China Mobile network and Wechat with different event content.


– Allowed experts to show and introduce a variety of selected auction items to Asia market audiences

– Interested buyers could directly access to official Wechat site and get the detailed auction information

– Greatly widened the promotion coverage and helped Sincerity International to reach more potential buyers

– Reach over 50,000 potential customers from Greater China and Asia region。

為了針對兩組觀眾,VIEW-IN 團隊為中信國際拍賣在兩個平台上提供數字化激活:具有不同事件內容的中國移動網絡和微信。