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mobile site development
redemption portal
mobile message for redemption

A mini-site is built and designed for both desktop and mobile users. It provides not only the details of 20th anniversary but also contains a content tab that holds the information for SABON’s hero products –ALL-TIME PLEASURES.

With Facebook login, they are able to fill in personal information and then entitled to redeem a mini gift box at the SABON’s retail store.
Last but not least, the mini-site offers a sharing function and serves as a channel to direct users to the brand’s Facebook fan page.

Throughout the campaign period, the total number of visits reached 110,000+ with 5,000+ participants recorded on the first day.

為桌面機和手機用戶構建並設計了一個網站。 它不僅提供品牌20週年紀念日的詳細信息,還包含一個SABON王牌產品的詳情-ALL-TIME PLEASURES。