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Celebration Wishes Project
Customized Greeting card with Referral Program

Through joining the SABON Celebration Wishes campaign, participants are required to submit 1 personal photo for customized Xmas card design, finished greeting card design, and registration; participants can fill in friends information to share the Sabon Xmas sample gifts to friends and family. ViewIn team also produces the video in social media for gaming demonstration and applies social listening for campaign performance management.

To maximize viral effect and online buzz, the campaign offers limited gifts on designated dates and times. The responsive mini-site perfectly caters to users with different devices. With Facebook login, online participants are able to fill in personal information and then entitled to redeem product samples at chosen stores.


通過參加SABON慶祝愿望活動,參與者必須提交1張個人照片,用於定制的聖誕節卡設計,完成的賀卡設計和註冊; 參與者可以填寫朋友信息,以向朋友和家人分享Sabon Xmas示例禮物。 ViewIn團隊還通過社交媒體製作視頻以進行遊戲演示,並將社交收聽應用於活動績效管理。

為了最大程度地發揮病毒作用和在線嗡嗡聲,該活動在指定的日期和時間提供有限的禮物。 響應式迷你站點完美地迎合了使用不同設備的用戶。 通過Facebook登錄,在線參與者可以填寫個人信息,然後有權在選定的商店中兌換產品樣本。