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Plaza hollywood

augmented reality game development
hardware installation & Rental
Design & Animation production

Several photo frames were designed to perform the Christmas atmosphere. Visitors can come to the photo booth to participate in the event. First, Visitors can choose the specific photo frame they like. After they ready, the photo will be taken in a few seconds. A QR code will be shown up for visitors to scan and get back their photos via mobile devices. It enables visitors to enjoy the Christmas with Plaza Hollywood.

設計了數個相框來表現聖誕節氣氛。 參觀者可以來到照相亭參加活動。 首先,訪客可以選擇自己喜歡的特定相框。 準備就緒後,將在幾秒鐘內拍攝照片。 將會顯示一個QR碼,供訪客通過移動設備掃描並取回其照片。 它使遊客可以在鑽石山荷里活廣場享受聖誕節。