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Play Station committed to develop and offer series of a console games for sale. As far as they are concerned with the development of console games and products, Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong(ACGHK) had always been their large event in the year.

Play Station appointed ViewIn Team to design a digital gaming machine so that guests can enjoy the shopping moment in the Play Station booth during the ACGHK. Thus, A digital clipping machine named “Play Station VR Shopping Reward” was created.

For the part of “Play Station VR Shopping Reward”, shoppers had to purchase the particular VR game appointed by Play station so as to get the receipt number activating their eligibility for gaming. After entering all the information needed using the iPad, shoppers were able to manipulate the PlayStation controller to alter the direction of the digital clip. The digital picture film shown on a large screen in front of the player was the digital clipping machine. The player can use the arrow keys to manipulate the direction of the digital clip shown on the screen. Keep manipulating the clip until the player ensured the accurate position of the clip they believed. Pressing the bottom with a round pattern, the clip will go the way down and try to grip one item storing in the digital machine. As a result, the player was able to gain a special reward corresponding to the item they gripped.

Play Station致力於開發和提供一系列主機遊戲出售。就主機遊戲和產品的開發而言,香港動漫-漫畫-遊戲(ACGHK)一直是本年度的大型活動。

Play Station任命ViewIn Team設計數字遊戲機,以便客人在ACGHK期間可以在Play Station攤位享受購物時光。因此,創建了名為“ Play Station VR Shopping Reward”的數字剪輯器。

對於“ Play Station VR購物獎勵”,購物者必須購買Play Station指定的特定VR遊戲,以獲取收據編號以激活他們的遊戲資格。使用iPad輸入所需的所有信息後,購物者便能夠操縱PlayStation控制器來更改數字剪輯的方向。在播放器前面的大屏幕上顯示的數字電影膠片是數字剪輯機。播放器可以使用箭頭鍵來控制屏幕上顯示的數字剪輯的方向。繼續操縱剪輯,直到播放器確保他們相信的剪輯的正確位置為止。用圓形圖案按壓底部,夾子將向下滑動並嘗試抓住數碼機中存儲的一項。結果,玩家能夠獲得與其抓取的物品相對應的特殊獎勵。