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TOWER 535 

website development
cms portal
UI&UX Consultation
Design Production

From studying the market’s needs and position, we designed the shopping mall Solutions website to match the customer’s behavior and online habits. We provide a tailor-made re-development solution. Not only including the better graphics and layout design, but also the better user experience supporting responsive design on different devices. To give the new shopping mall website a brand new look that reflects its mission and identity, we try a bold style with some huge blocks and very sharp colors. For serving multiple functions, including talent filters and grid design interface, the website provides easy access to information for different end-users. Also, a powerful CMS developed for easy content updating time to time.

通過研究市場的需求和定位,我們設計了為購物中心量身訂造的網站,以配合客戶的喜好和線上動向。 我們提供量身定制的再開發解決方案。 不僅包括更好的圖形和佈局設計,而且還包括在不同設備上支援響應式設計的更好的用戶體驗。 為了給新的購物中心網站一個嶄新的外觀,以反映其使命和身份,我們嘗試使用大膽的設計,一些巨大的方塊和非常鮮明的色彩。 為了提供多種功能,包括人才過濾器和網格設計界面,該網站為不同的用戶提供了容易獲取的信息。 此外,還開發了功能強大的CMS,可輕鬆地不時更新內容。