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OTOMO Language

Website development
cms portal
ui & ux consultation
Design production

OTOMO Language, one of the education brand in Japan and Hong Kong, assigned us to revamp its website, for gaining a modern edge and improving user experience. Modifications were made towards the search engine, design elements, and overall presentation, allowing a seamless transformation across all platforms – mobile devices, tablets, and desktops.

OTOMO Language是日本和香港的教育品牌之一,他們委託韋迪團隊對其網站進行改造,以獲取更多優勢並改善用戶體驗。 在搜索引擎、設計元素和整體外觀都進行了修改,從而允許跨平台(包括移動設備,平板電腦和桌上電腦)進行無縫轉換。