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Oliver's Super Sandwiches

Café de Coral

web retainer
EDM production
Search engine marketing
Digital media planning

Oliver Super Sandwich is the premium catering brand in Café de Coral group. In 2020 Christmas, brand appoints View-In team to execute the digital media planning with Xmas catering special offer booking site for early bird promotion. Customers can visit the booking site through the media channel to order the special offer products. The brand also produces the Christmas EDM promotion to re-target key customers.

Oliver Super Sandwich是大家樂集團的高級餐飲品牌。 在2020年聖誕節,該品牌任命View-In團隊執行堅誕餐飲特惠預訂網站執行數字媒體規劃,以進行早鳥優惠促銷。客戶可以通過媒體渠道訪問預訂網站以訂購特價產品。該品牌還開展了聖誕節電郵促銷活動,以重新定位主要客戶。