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ocean park

china media planning
Mobile Site development
Design adaptation

Ocean Park is the famous theme park brand in Hong Kong. Brand appoints View-In team to plan the China targeting media strategy, brand want to dispatch the travel booking channel offer through the telecom operators, when mobile users walk through the targeting location, we can dispatch the mobile message to end customers for call to action, message have the developed mobile-site with the offer details, customers can browse the offer details to decide which offer fit to their trip. We got the successful result that over 70% mobile users book the 10.1 early bird offer in online travel booking platform for sales growth.

海洋公園是香港著名的主題公園品牌。 品牌任命View-In團隊來計劃國內旅客針對性媒體策略,品牌希望通過電信運營商發送旅行預訂渠道的優惠,當國內手機用前往指定地方位置時,我們可以將手機訊息發送給指定手機客用戶以觸發即時購買意慾 。訊息內有帶有優惠詳細訊息的手機網站,客戶可以瀏覽所有優惠詳情以決定那種優惠適合其旅程。 我們獲得了成功的結果,超過70%的手機用戶在在線旅遊預訂平台上預訂了10.1早鳥優惠,以實現銷售增長。