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Articles about babycare health tips and recent hot issues are published every other week to draw followers’ attention and interest. All articles are written by professional Chinese copywriter using family related community and China market hot topic. View-In team also build a incentive-driven WeChat campaign for created to enhance brand recall to target customers. A mini-game is created for people to redeem coupons and have a chance to enter a lucky draw campaign.

每隔一周發布有關嬰兒保健技巧和最新熱點的文章,以引起關注者的關注和興趣。 所有文章均由專業的中國撰稿人使用家庭相關社區和中國市場熱點話題撰寫。 View-In團隊還建立了激勵驅動的微信廣告系列,以提高目標客戶的品牌召回率。 創建了一個迷你游戲,供人們兌換優惠券並有機會參加幸運抽獎活動。