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noah park

wechat retainer
content management
design & Visual production

 Articles about family travel tips and recent hot issues are published every other week to draw followers’ attention and interest. All articles are written by professional Chinese copywriter using authoritative and academic references. View-In team also supports social listening, China media planning, and community management for new Wechat fans recruitment.

每隔一周發布有關家庭旅行提示和近期熱點的文章,以引起關注者的關注和興趣。 所有文章均由專業的國內文案撰稿人使用權威和學術參考文獻撰寫。 View-In團隊還為新的微信粉絲招聘提供社交媒體監測,中國媒體策劃和社交頁面管理支持。