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User interface
facial recogntion application
hardware production and installation

New Town Plaza appoints IGOO and ViewIn team to produce the interactive experience. Apply the facial recognition and motion detection augmented reality technology in the Christmas event and pop up zone to deliver the innovative engagement to shopping mall visitors.

Firstly, guests need to show the hand for motion detection hardware identification. Guests can through hand control the program such as photo-taking, answer the quiz and choose the photo frame. This program sets the augmented reality animate sticker for photo taking part, guests will have the facial detection experience when the program captures the photo and appear animate sticker. When guests finish the quiz, photo taking (AR) and frame choosing, will output the QR code for guest social share.

新城市廣場任命IGOO和ViewIn團隊來提供互動體驗開發。 在聖誕節活動和彈出區域中應用面部識別和運動檢測增強現實技術,為購物中心的訪客帶來創新的參與。

首先,客人需要出示手以進行運動檢測硬件識別。 客人可以通過手控制拍照等程序,回答測驗並選擇相框。 該程序為參加照片的人設置了增強現實動畫貼紙,當程序捕獲照片並顯示動畫貼紙時,客人將擁有面部檢測體驗。 當客人完成測驗時,拍照(AR)和選框將輸出QR碼以供客人社交分享。