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mTm skincare

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Custom-Blended Lightness Mix Product Launch Event

mTm is a multi-faceted brand and founded in Japan. Brand launches the Custom-Blended Lightness Mix Product in Autumn and would like to present a brand philosophy that designs your life by embracing the customized skincare solutions that are tailor-made by mTm.


Through Custom-Blended Lightness Mix product protect your skin and avoid the air and environment pollution affect the skin quality. Brand marketers want to deliver this core message to event guests. ViewIn team study and analyze the brand and product feature and make use of the full interactive experience in the event for brand message delivery.


ViewIn team develop the event management application for guests RSVP and participate in the interactive game. An application can show the guest’s personal information and output the QR code as an event pass. After device scan and read the guest’s event pass QR code, guest can join the motion detection gaming.


Through over 150″ projection display deliver the immersive environment to guests, ViewIn team apply Japan famous view in the application, guest moves the own hand which can control the game; we use of augmented reality to present the game effect.


In game starting page, the display screen has full pollution smoke, guests need to move their own hand to clear smoke; the game result depends on the display screen having how many smoke percentages.


mTm是一個多面的品牌,創立於日本。 品牌在秋季推出Custom-Blended Lightness Mix產品,並希望通過採用mTm量身定制的定制護膚解決方案來呈現一種設計您的生活的品牌理念。


通過 Custom-Blended Lightness Mix 產品保護您的皮膚,避免空氣和環境污染影響皮膚質量。品牌營銷人員希望將這一核心信息傳遞給活動嘉賓。 ViewIn團隊研究和分析品牌和產品特徵,並利用活動中的全互動體驗來傳遞品牌信息。


ViewIn 團隊為客人 RSVP 開發活動管理應用程序並參與互動遊戲。應用程序可以顯示客人的個人信息並將二維碼作為活動通行證輸出。設備掃描並讀取客人的活動通行證二維碼後,客人可以加入運動檢測遊戲。