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MGM Macau

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3D Animation
Augmented Reality with motion detection
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Sparkling New Year Celebration Event

In order to infuse more interaction and excitement to the brand event, MGM Macau decided to launch an interactive digital game installation on-site. Therefore, MGM Macau appointed ViewIn Creative to provide one-stop solutions from idea development, game, and layout design, programming to installation setup, enabling a seamless O2O experience.

To draw the attention of event guests, bling and motion interactive are centered on the idea. With 3D CG after effect, we create a virtual butterfly, champagne & sparkling animation, guest needs to interact with virtual items, and the monitor will show the 3D after effect when the program detects the guest’s motion. Finish the motion detection gaming, the monitor will pop up the unique QR code for social media platforms sharing. Program support Facebook, Weibo, and Wechat hashtag sharing for Offline to Online experience.

The event was held for only 2 days but the result was very impressive. A lot of selfies were shared on Wechat, amplifying the reach and impressions of MGM Macau and resulting in the brand new O2O user journey for audiences.


為了給品牌活動注入更多的互動和刺激,澳門美高梅決定在現場推出互動數字遊戲裝置。因此,澳門美高梅指定ViewIn Creative提供從創意開發、遊戲和佈局設計、編程到安裝設置的一站式解決方案,實現無縫的O2O體驗。

為了吸引活動客人的注意力,金光閃閃和動感交互都以這個想法為中心。使用3D CG後期效果,我們創建了一個虛擬的蝴蝶、香檳和閃閃發光的動畫,客人需要與虛擬物品進行交互,當程序檢測到客人的動作時,顯示器會顯示3D後期效果。完成動作檢測遊戲,顯示器會彈出社交媒體平台共享的唯一二維碼。程序支持 Facebook、微博和微信主題標籤共享,用於離線到在線體驗。