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Metro plaza

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Metro Plaza is the shopping mall brand in the SHKP Mall. Brand launch the co-brand promotion to cover Metro Plaza and Tsuen Wan Plaza, through ViewIn targeting media to reach the potential customers and members to share the promotion details, customers can open the mobile web to check the promotion details and show up the web page to redeem the discount offer.

新都會廣場是新鴻基集團的購物中心品牌。 品牌通過ViewIn定位媒體覆蓋新都會廣場和荃灣廣場的聯合品牌促銷活動,接觸潛在的客戶和活躍會員以分享重點促銷資訊,客戶可以打開手機網頁來查看促銷詳情並可以查看兌換折扣優惠。