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Mercedes benz zung fu

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Zung Fu is Mercedes-Benz HK market services provider. In 2021, brand agency appoints ViewIn team to develop the mobile web checkpoint game to engage the event VIP members. Customers can register their personal information on the mobile web first, then activate the event mobile pass. Our team set up different checkpoint game challenges, customers need to reply to the right answer in the checkpoint to pass the challenge when customers finish all checkpoints, the mobile web will display the redemption message for members to redeem the souveniers.

仁孚是梅賽德斯-奔馳香港市場服務供應商。 2021年,品牌代理任命ViewIn團隊開發手機網頁互動關卡遊戲,以數位遊戲跟活動VIP會員互動。 客戶可先在手機網頁上登記個人資料,然後激活活動手機通行證。 我們的團隊設置了不同的關卡遊戲挑戰,客戶需要在關卡中回答正確答案才能通過挑戰,當客戶完成所有關卡後,手機網頁會顯示兌換信息,供會員兌換紀念品。