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user interface
instagram ar application
animation production

In 2020, Maybelline and SASA promote the mascara product launch and appoints ViewIn team to develop the Instagram AR filters application. Brand target to apply the interactive way to deliver the product edge to potential customers, customers can through the social URL and IG stories advertisement to browse the AR filters application, program will recognize customer’s face to pop up the mascara product effect in the eye; customers can share the AR effect video Instagram stories.

2020年,Maybelline和SASA聯手推動發布睫毛液產品,並任命ViewIn團隊開發了Instagram AR濾鏡應用程序。 品牌目標採用互動方式將產品優勢傳遞給潛在客戶,客戶可以通過社交帖子連結和IG Stories廣告瀏覽AR濾鏡應用程序,程序將識別客戶的臉龐,在睫毛膏中彈出產品效果; 客戶可以分享AR效果視頻Instagram故事。