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Marc Jacobs

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photo capture experience
engraving workshop
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DAISY MARC JACOBS  Pop Up Store Digital Installation
To present the main product “Daisy Marc Jacob”, ViewIn Creative had provided a well-designed Ipad Web Application for capturing the unforgettable moment of participants with happiness. Participants could receive their individual images after scanning given QR codes or through Email.

Setting up multiple photo capture device in the venue to serve guests to choose and output animation GIF by tagging event hash tag in social media. Through the social hash tag, it can automatically retrieve what photos they have taken. This is the effective way to let the guests to keep the memorable moment and get some souvenir from the event.

為了展示主要產品“ Daisy Marc Jacobs”,ViewIn Creative提供了一個精心設計的Ipad Web應用程序,用於捕捉參與者幸福難忘的時刻。 參加者可以在掃描給定的QR碼或通過電子郵件後收到自己的圖像。

在會場內設置多個照片捕獲設備,以通過標記社交媒體中的事件哈希標籤來服務客人選擇和輸出動畫GIF。 通過社交哈希標籤,它可以自動檢索他們拍攝的照片。 這是讓客人保持難忘時刻並從活動中獲得紀念品的有效方法。