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M.A.C Cosmetics

Design Production
RSVP Program & Sampling Site
Motion Detection Sensor
AR Animate Video Booth
Event management & Support
Hardware Rental & Installation

Boom Boom Bloom Collection Launch Event & Pop Up Store
M.A.C Cosmetics launched a new product collection and wants to add the Sakura flower element in the event to deliver the new product core message and theme. Visitors can fill in the personal information on the mobile site first for RSVP and makeup workshop booking. Visitors arrive at the event venue, can walk the interactive LED floor to experience the Sakura flower tunnel. When visitors walk through the tunnel, Sakura flower element will have animation. We also develop the interactive photo booth, visitors can take a photo, program will process the animate photo theme to output a Sakura flower video to visitors for Instagram stories share.

Boom Boom Bloom Collection 新品發布會和快閃店
M.A.C Cosmetics 推出新產品系列,並希望在活動中加入櫻花元素,以傳遞新產品的核心信息和主題。 參觀者可先在手機端填寫個人信息進行回复,並補訂工作坊。 參觀者抵達活動場地後,可步行互動式LED地板,體驗櫻花隧道。 當遊客走過隧道時,櫻花花元素會出現動畫。 我們還開發了互動照相亭,遊客可以拍照,程序將處理動畫照片主題,輸出櫻花花視頻給遊客Instagram故事分享。