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user interface
web development

LCX is a shopping mall brand under Wharf Holdings Group. Brand appoints ViewIn team to produce the campaign voting web page for the public to vote their favorite art piece in the art event. Website has the gallery to show the art piece and artist background, customers can browse the subpage to get more details.

LCX是九龍倉集團旗下的購物中心品牌。 品牌任命ViewIn團隊製作藝術作品投票網頁,以供公眾在藝術活動中投票選出他們最喜歡的藝術品。 網站上設有展示藝術品和藝術家背景的畫廊,客戶可以瀏覽子頁面以獲得更多詳細信息。