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Langham Place

user interface
HTML Development
Stamp Collection Program
PHP Backend

Langham Place cooperates with LEGO to launch the 2020 lunar new year event. The brand production agency appoints the View-In team to develop an interactive program for customer engagement. Customers can register the personal information in the mobile web game, then take the mobile to scan the Chinese Zodiac signs in event venue different area, when customers finish the scanning, the mobile game will have the animation pop-up and show the stamp collection record. if customers collect all the stamp, the mobile web program will show the animate to remind customers to redeem the souvenirs.

朗豪坊與樂高合作推出2020年農曆新年活動。 品牌代理機構任命了“View-In”團隊來開發一個互動遊戲以吸引客戶。 客戶可以在手機網頁遊戲中註冊個人信息,然後在商場不同區域以手機掃描十二生肖收集印章,當客戶完成掃描後,手機遊戲將彈出動畫並顯示印章記錄。 。 如果客戶收集了所有印章,則手機遊戲頁面將顯示動畫,以通知客戶達到兌現紀念品的條件了。