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user interface
augmented reality application
touch game programming
mobile web HTML game
hardware rental

Lancome Taipei city pop-up store launch in SOGO area 1st day achieves 1500+ traffic and over 1000+ users joining digital game part in event 1st day.

– CNY Pig Sticker Augmented Reality
We build the augmented reality photo-taking application when guests touch the tablet screen, the program will activate the kiosk screen to capture the AR effect photo. Guests can scan the QR code to take the softcopy.

– Digital Interactive Touch Game
Guests can press the interactive touch device, then press 2-3 times, can wake the pig icon up, the program will show the CNY lucky tips in touch screen. Guests can choose to print the digital lucky tip to be souvenirs.


當訪客觸摸平板電腦屏幕時,我們將構建增強現實拍照應用程序,該程序將激活信息亭屏幕以捕獲AR效果照片。 來賓可以掃描QR碼以獲取軟拷貝。

客人可以按交互式觸摸設備,然後按2-3次,可以喚醒豬圖標,程序將在觸摸屏上顯示CNY幸運提示。 客人可以選擇打印數字幸運提示作為紀念品。