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facebook game development
roadshow helper support
design production

Kinder is a Food product brand and always launch the roadshow and social campaign for customer engagement. Brand appoints the View-In team to launch the Interactive project for Taiwan market engagement. Develop the social game application for customers instant win and souvenir redemption. Also, our team applies the roadshow in the campaign, through the brand promotion helpers to invite customers to join the moving truck engagement and enjoy the Kinder food trial.

健達(Kinder)是食品產品品牌,品牌經常為吸引客戶製定不同的路演和社交項目。 品牌任命View-In團隊來啟動互動項目,以吸引台灣市場。 開發社交遊戲應用程序以作為客戶即時贏取和兌換紀念品的平店。 此外,我們的團隊通過品牌品牌禮儀大使將路演活動應用到廣告系列中,邀請客戶加入流動卡車並享受健達食品試食。