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Kerry Hotel
Shangri-La Group

html web development
content strategy
design & visual production

View-In work with The Kerry Hotel to launch summer promotion for customer engagement. Kerry Hotel design the summer promotion program and would like to make use of e-channel program to engage the VIP and members. View-In support the content strategy part, also create the visual and adapt HTML for e-channel material production.

嘉里酒店與View-In合作啟動夏季促銷活動以吸引客戶。 嘉里大酒店計劃了夏季促銷計劃,並希望利用電子渠道計劃吸引VIP和會員。 View-In主要負責內容策略’部分,還可以創建視覺效果並改編HTML電郵製作以發佈於電子渠道。