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innisfree Guangzhou

Design & User Interface
TAblet Application
Kiosk Programming
Hardware installation
View-In Creative 隨意門策劃 | Wechat,, China Social Media, China Marketing, Photo Booth, Immersive Experience, lighting experience, lighting device, light show, 網頁設計, 多媒體, 平面, 多媒體設計, 平面設計, 設計工作室, Design Studio, Kiosk, Design, Motion Graphic, Interactive, New Media, Photo, Photography, Web, Print, Graphic, VR, Photoshop, Illustration, Photo Booth, motiongraphics, web design, multimedia, photographer, designer, web designer. View-In started out as a digital production & media strategy team under one technology company based in Southeast Asia but has since matured into a noteworthy agency in its own right. Since its establishment, we consult and support over 50 brands to execute a successful project in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and the Taiwan market.

Brand launch the White Peony Tone-Up Essence Pop-Up store in Guangzhou. Brand agency appoint ViewIn team to develop the pop-up store engagement technology. Visitors can touch the tablet application as a digital skin test. Answer 5 question to output the skin result. We also produce the interactive digital wall to present the White Peony Tone-Up Essence key feature and element for visitors information.

品牌在廣州開設了“白牡丹調教精華彈出店”。 品牌代理機構任命ViewIn團隊來開發彈出式商店互動技術。 訪客可以觸摸數位板應用程序作為數字皮膚測試。 回答5問題輸出皮膚效果。 我們還製作了交互式數字牆,展示了白牡丹色調精華的關鍵特徵和要素,以為訪客提供信息。