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hugo boss perfume

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ViewIn team works with Hugo Boss perfume to launch BOSS BOTTLES TONIC trial and sampling campaign. Client plan cross-promotion campaign with Sasa channel and Hugo Boss Perfume counter launching sampling redemption.We not only support the content strategy part, also develop the Mobile site with media network planning to engage the potential customers.

ViewIn團隊與Hugo Boss香水合作,發起了BOSS BOTTLES TONIC試用和採樣活動。 客戶計劃與Sasa頻道和Hugo Boss Perfume櫃檯進行交叉促銷活動,發起樣品兌換。我們不僅支持內容策略部分,還開發了帶有媒體網絡計劃的移動網站,以吸引潛在客戶。