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HKU Master program

user interface
web form integration
digital media planning

HKU is the top business school worldwide, HKU master program executes the 2021 virtual admission day and organizes the webinar event to engage the potential audience, brand marketers appoint the ViewIn team to plan the digital media planning, the audience can through the mobile media and advertising to receive the online registration URL to fill in the personal information for webinar registration.

香港大學是全球頂尖的商學院,香港大學碩士課程執行2021年虛擬入學日並組織網絡研討會,以吸引潛在的受眾,品牌營銷人員任命ViewIn團隊來計劃數字媒體規劃,受眾可以通過移動媒體和廣告 接收在線註冊的網絡連結,以填寫用於網絡研討會註冊的個人信息。