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View-In team supported The Trend Plaza developed LT Duck X Puzzle Bear 生日派对Go Go Game in WeChat to celebrate LT Duck 70’s birthday.

First, customers can open The Trend Plaza WeChat public account and select the promotion activity button. Then, select “生日派对Go Go Game” to start the game. Users can press the left and right button to control the duck, when the duck hits the wood, its power will be decreased and when it hit the bear, its power will be refused. There is a real-time timer to determine the result and the game will be finished when users used up all the power. An LT Duck X Puzzle Bear limited sport waterproof bad will be given to the user who ranked the top 5 every week.

View-In團隊為的屯門時代廣場在微信中開發了LT Duck X拼圖熊生日派對Go Go遊戲,以慶祝LT Duck 70生日。

首先,客戶可以打開趨勢廣場微信公眾號,然後選擇促銷活動按鈕。 然後,選擇“生日派對Go Go遊戲”以開始遊戲。 用戶可以按左右按鈕來控制鴨子,當鴨子撞到木頭上時,它的力量會降低,而當它撞到熊身上時,它的力量會被拒絕。 有一個實時計時器來確定結果,當用戶用盡所有電量時,遊戲將結束。 每週排名前5位的用戶將獲得LT Duck X Puzzle Bear限量運動防水產品。