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harbour city

user interface production
game application
photo capture program
hardware rental
event on-site support

HARBOUR CITY launch the Christmas digital activation in 2020, brand agency appoints ViewIn team to develop the interactive experience for mall visitors engagement.

Customers can touch the display screen to activate the game, choose the hair, mouth and nose sticker to decorate the monster, then can take a photo with their custom-made monster; the final step is to scan the QR code to get the soft copy for social sharing. At the same time, customers also can go to Kid zone to illustrate the monster to sync to a virtual Christmas garden.

HARBOR CITY在2020年啟動了聖誕節數字激活,品牌代理機構任命ViewIn團隊開發互動體驗,以吸引購物中心遊客。客戶可以觸摸顯示屏以激活遊戲,選擇頭髮,嘴巴和鼻子的貼紙來裝飾怪物,然後可以與他們定制的怪物合照; 最後是掃描QR碼以獲得數位照並可分享至社交媒體。 同時,客戶還可以前往孩子玩樂區域來繪畫怪物,使其同步到虛擬的聖誕節花園。