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Harbour city

User Interface
Animation Production
Motion Sensor Application
Server Integration

Harbour City, a famous shopping mall in the Hong Kong market; and its PR agency appointed ViewIN to create a motion sensor application for ECG-NOSAURS roadshow interactive engagement. Set up the motion ratio sensor for motion detection, when visitors join the gaming, keep the jump that action will activate the dragon egg break up. Visitors need to finish the game within 15 seconds for gifts redemption.

海港城,香港著名的購物中心; 他們的公關公司任命ViewIN為ECG-NOSAURS復活節項目開發互動運動傳感器應用遊戲。 設置運動傳感器以進行遊戲體感辨識,當訪客進 入遊戲時,保持跳躍動作將激活龍蛋分裂。 訪客需要在15秒內完成遊戲挑戰才能兌換禮物。