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Dress Your Lips Party – Vending Machine Gaming with Interactive Roadshow
This project aims to promote Givenchy’s lip collection products and helps strengthen brand image and improve customers’ perception. Therefore, a comprehensive O2O engagement is created in order to attract target audience.Givenchy Dress Your Party digital program contains three part, a party registration site, a vending machine gaming and tablet application.

A party registration site is developed and launched before the event. Visitors can register their information and get a unique mobile message before going to Dress Your Lip Party. Each mobile message has a unique hyperlink to identify user event records.

Once they reach the venue, they can go to the digital installation and activate the machine with their unique mobile message.
Participants join a vending machine game and they need to finish the matching game relate to their personality and habit, and also have the puzzle game challenge., product samples are given as a reward.

The vending machine provides visitors with a virtual experience of creating a Givenchy Gift card for themselves. The mechanism of the vending machine is simple yet remarkable. Visitors can easily share the event on social media and obtain a gift.

On the other hand, ViewIn Creative team provides the tablet application for visitors’ walk-in registration. Moreover, there is a QR code on the walk-in registration tablet apps. When people scan on that code, they will be directed to a mini-site so that they can share it easily on social media and join the vending machine gaming instantly.

In addition, the event also has “Haute Couture” product decoration and photo hashtag gaming. After participants have finished all of them, a gift card will be given to them. Participants can use the gift card to redeem a brand product sample.

該項目旨在推廣紀梵希的唇部系列產品,有助於強化品牌形象和提高客戶認知度。因此,為了吸引目標受眾,創建了全面的 O2O 參與。紀梵希著裝你的派對數字程序包含三個部分,一個派對註冊網站,一個自動售貨機遊戲和平板電腦應用程序。

在活動開始前開發並推出了一個派對註冊網站。參觀者可以在參加 Dress Your Lip Party 之前註冊他們的信息並獲得一條獨特的移動消息。每條移動消息都有一個唯一的超鏈接來標識用戶事件記錄。



另一方面,ViewIn Creative 團隊提供平板電腦應用程序供參觀者步入登記。此外,步入式註冊平板電腦應用程序上有一個二維碼。當人們掃描該代碼時,他們將被定向到一個迷你站點,以便他們可以輕鬆地在社交媒體上分享它並立即加入自動售貨機遊戲。

此外,本次活動還有“Haute Couture”產品裝飾和照片標籤遊戲。參與者全部完成後,將發給他們一張禮品卡。參與者可以使用禮品卡兌換品牌產品樣品。