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dolce & Gabbana

Reward program
redemption system
Mobile message system

Dolce & Gabbana Beauty is a perfume brand in market. Brand appoints View-In team to develop the reward program for member engagement. Reward system will blast out the membership message per month, when member receive the message, can open the redemption web URL to check the offer details, and they can walk to perfume store channel, and show the web URL to staff for sample redemption. System can record the member performance and segmentation for CRM analysis.

Dolce&Gabbana Beauty是市場上的香水品牌。 品牌任命View-In團隊來開發數位化的會員獎勵計劃。 獎勵系統每月會發送會員手機短訊,當會員收到短訊時,可以打開兌換網站連結來檢查優惠詳細信息,他們可以走到香水銷售專櫃,並向員工展示該網址以進行樣品兌換。 系統可以記錄會員的表現和細分,以進行CRM分析。