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Citygate outlet

user interface adaptation
html development
chroma key photo application
digital hardware rental & installation

Citygate launches the LINE FRIENDS MEETS pop up store for Christmas celebration. Brand marketers appoint ViewIn Creative team produce the digital gaming in the pop up store for visitors engagement. Customers can play the card matching to finish the game task. When finish the challenge, customers can take the chroma key photo to output the video gif. Customers can scan the QR code to get the soft copy and share the social media channel.

東薈城商場開設「LINE FRIENDS MEETS」快閃店,慶祝聖誕節。 品牌營銷商任命ViewIN團隊在彈出式商店中製作數字遊戲,以吸引訪問者。 客戶可以玩匹配的紙牌來完成遊戲任務。 完成挑戰後,客戶可以拍攝色度鍵照片以輸出視頻gif。 客戶可以掃描二維碼以獲取軟拷貝並分享社交媒體渠道。