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citygate outlet

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Citygate Outlet is a shopping mall brand in the Swire Properties group. In 2021, brand marketers work with ViewIn team to execute the Escape To Summerland interactive experience. Visitors can touch the screen to activate the game, the program will detect the visitor body to count the reward when visitors catch more carton icons within 30 seconds,then they can get the nice reward and show the result in the game ranking.

東薈城商場是太古地產集團旗下的購物中心品牌。 2021年,品牌營銷人員與ViewIn團隊合作執行Escape To Summerland互動體驗。 訪客可以通過觸摸屏幕激活遊戲,當訪客在30秒內抓到更多的卡通圖標時,程式遊戲會檢測到訪客的身體手部動作來計算分數獎勵,然後他們可以獲得遊戲獎品並在遊戲排名中顯示結果。