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chow tai fook

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Chow Tai Fook Jewellery is a popular brand in the Chinese-speaking world. The store has retail outlets in several countries, including over 2,000 retail outlets in mainland China.

In the Chinese new year, we tailor-made a photo booth with an attractive design to let more people know more about CTF dog jewellery collection. Photo booth included different style dog image which expresses different scenes for users. It’s suitable for family, lover and friends to selfie together.

ViewIn Creative team installed a selfie photo booth in the CTF retail channel to attract guests to take a photo and capture the moment for them. Lots of guests can be crowded to take selfie photo and create a joyous atmosphere in the retail store to create an engaging shopping experience. We co-operated with the PR agency to make it successful, and our mission is to preserve every delighted moment of guests and connect them from offline to online.

Users can follow some simple steps to proceed the selfie process in the photo booth or mobile directly. After the pictures taken, we will provide the QR code for the user to download the image and social sharing. Photo booth provided a social network connection for users to share their nice selfie to their Facebook & Wechat with the embedded greeting message and let more people know the roadshow information rapidly.



ViewIn Creative團隊在CTF零售渠道中安裝了一個自拍照相亭,以吸引客人拍照並為他們捕捉瞬間。許多客人可能會擁擠以拍照留念,並在零售店中營造出歡樂的氛圍,從而營造出迷人的購物體驗。我們與公關公司合作以使其成功,我們的使命是保留客人的每一個快樂時刻,並將他們從離線連接到在線。