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chiccho taiwan

Instagram content
AR filters development
media plan and buying

Brand appoints ViewIn team to develop the IG AR filters to engage the customers and boost the social noise. Customers can scan the QR code and click the extra link to activate the Instagram augmented reality. We produce different AR animate effects, customers can take the different game challenges and capture the video to share to the Instagram channel.

品牌任命ViewIn團隊開發IG 擴增實境濾鏡,以吸引客戶並提高社交媒體上影響力。 客戶可以掃描二維碼並單擊額外的鏈接以激活濾鏡。 我們產生不同的AR動畫效果,客戶可以應對不同的遊戲挑戰,並錄下AR視頻以分享到Instagram頻道。